shom1 MPB Today Review Walmart News

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shom1 MPB Today Review Walmart News

A friend of mine loves Network Marketing so much that when she sees a company or product that she can get excited about, she jumps in and lets the dust settle afterwards. She has had some wins and some losses with that method. On the other hand I like to look at things with a skeptical eye and if I can get excited about a company or product, it is because I have evaluated a few things about it and have found it to be a reasonable venture. The company has to have 4 main things going for it. If it does, all of the other possible risks are outweighed by the big four.

  1. A Huge Expanding Market
  2. A unique and consumable product
  3. Timing
  4. Leverage

This same friend just the other day jumped into MPB Today, a company that has been built around the grocery delivery market. I immediately wanted to know if MPB Today is just another network marketing scam. Now I will admit that grocery delivery service does not sound exciting and sexy. And, when I first heard about this as a network marketing company I chuckled to myself, but when I held it up against my four criteria for choosing a company, my eyes were opened.

Lets take a look at how it adds up…

A Huge Expanding Market

My Premier Business Today also known as MPB Today has teamed up with Southeastern Delivery, a 1 year old grocery delivery service company out of Pensacola, Florida. Right now the grocery delivery market is a 1 Billion Dollar a year industry but is expected to grow to 85 Billion within the next 5 to 10 years.

The reason for the expected growth is that those notorious Baby Boomers, a name given to babies born between 1946 and 1964. There are a Billion Baby Boomers world wide. This has meant from the very beginning of this generation, starting with baby food and on through Coke, Pepsi, Hula Hoops, etc, they have exploded every trend that they have passed through. There was actually a 15 to 18 year run to each industry’s marketing spikes before the largest part of the group passed on to other trends. Now the Boomers are moving indoors and are focusing on matters related to health, beauty, money and other areas including the delivery of daily necessities, also known as groceries. This is definitely a huge expanding market.

A Unique and Consumable Product

I don’t have to mention that groceries are a consumable product. But you may be wondering what the heck is unique about them. The unique thing about the groceries in this opportunity is that when you start this business you pay $210.00 and you get a $200.00 voucher for groceries which offers you the flexibility to order by mail and pay the shipping, or wait until you achieve the ridiculously simple qualification of sponsoring 2 people and helping them each to sponsor two people. That is called a cycle. When that happens, you get paid $500.00 plus you can now use your $200.00 voucher and they will pay the shipping or you can trade it in for a Walmart Gift Card which is also valid for purchases at Sam’s Club. You can buy anything either store sells. I won’t get into what happens next. That’s not what this article is about. But I will say one very important thing. This is a company with no autoship and you never have to come out of pocket again to continue earning money with MPB Today. In essence you have invested $10.00 in your new business and you received a fairly nice replicated website and back office in return.


The matter of timing refers to something different than “timing” the next big move of the baby boomers. It refers to the economic climate. Think of the economy as a giant ocean that we are all floating in. When one thing is sinking another is rising. In this case the thing that is rising is the discomfort of the baby boomers with the uncertainty and lack of control they are experiencing in their financial and work life. This is causing a tidal wave of quality people who are seeking another plan to save their retirement. The timing could not be better for a deal like the one MPB Today is offering.


If you get an opportunity to review MPB Today’s compensation model, you will clearly see that it is designed to pay very handsomely to those who make an effort, regardless of their perceived status.

You can easily surpass your sponsor if they are dormant and it really does not effect you directly if they are. However, it can greatly help you if they are active. Additionally, you have to take into consideration that in this marketing model you are able to use a small amount of your personal “man hours” and “leverage” the “man hours” of the rest of your team even though you did not necessarily have to sponsor more than 2.

This is very dramatic

If you were able to work 24 hours a day, you would still only have worked 8760 hours in a year. It is not uncommon for a serious network marketing company to have organizations of 30,000 or 50,000 members. But lets go lower and dream that your organization has 20,000 members and they each work 1 hour per year. That is 20,000 hours compared to your maximum 8760 at twenty four hours of work per day. You would get paid on 20,000 hours of work. That is called leverage and it is quite eye opening.

So it appears that MPB Today meets the standard set by my four criteria. However there is the matter of fact that the Southeastern Delivery is only a year old and MPB Today is even younger.

Despite both having stellar management teams, it is always a cautionary factor when a company is this young. In considering all of the upside factors as they balance against a the big downside factor of the short age of the company, I had to consider what the real risk of loss would be if the company failed. It turns out that the average independent distributor is only exposed for as much $210.00 at any point in time and usually as little at $10.00.

I would have to say that all things considered, MPB Today has the potential to hit a grand slam. It is out in front of a huge trend, universal products with a unique spin of compensating customers handsomely for referrals, the economic timing is excellent and the opportunity to leverage the time and effort of other people to build an organization is strong. The upside hugely outweighs the downside for MPB Today.

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